Secondary School Exams for Ukrainian Graduates in 2023

In Poland, May is the month associated with high school graduation. The matura exam is the final exam taken by all students after graduating from high school. It is a requirement that the matura exam consists of at least four subjects. The three compulsory subjects are:

  • Polish language;
  • foreign language;
  • mathematics (at the basic or advanced level of choice);
  • an advanced subject of choice.

There are subjects to choose from: biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, geography, history, history of music, history of art, computer science, Latin language and ancient culture, national minority language, modern foreign language, ethnic minority language, regional language, mathematics (at the basic level), civic education.

A total of one to six additional subjects can be passed. Some of these include an oral and written exam.

The exam in compulsory subjects is considered passed if at least 30% of the correct results are obtained. Additional subjects have no passing threshold. If a graduate does not pass the exam this academic year, he can try his luck in subsequent years.

In 2023, the exams take place from May 4 to 23.

What is vital, the Polish government has introduced relaxations for Ukrainian secondary school graduates in 2023. 

What are they?

Students will receive instructions for the Polish written exam in Ukrainian, but the essay and answers must be written in Polish. In the oral exam, graduates will have 15 minutes to prepare answers to questions. In foreign language exams, instructions will be given in Ukrainian, and answers will, of course, have to be written in the language in which the graduate will take the exam. In the case of the math exam, solutions to tasks will have to be written down in Ukrainian.

If necessary, the rules for marking tasks in Polish for students with learning difficulties can be applied.

It will be permissible to use a Polish-Ukrainian dictionary during all exams, except for:

  • Mathematics (basic);
  • Modern foreign language (basic);
  • Ukrainian language (extended).

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