About Us

Join us in shaping our common future. Together, we can create a safe and inclusive community for Ukrainian refugees in the Podkarpackie voivodeship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create conditions in which Ukrainian refugees can start a normal life in a new reality, foreign to them, thus benefiting themselves, the local community and Poland as a whole.

Our Vision

Podkarpackie Voivodeship a safe and supportive place for Ukrainian refugees who, fleeing the nightmare of war, have the opportunity here to start a normal life where they are equal participants in the social, economic and cultural life of the local community.

What we support:


Activities to help refugees ‘get back on their feet’


We support and promote good attitudes towards refugees. Those based on mutual respect, openness and understanding


Psychological support for those fleeing the war in Ukraine


Vocational activation of refugees


Social integration of refugees

What we are opposed to:


The impact of misinformation on relations between the local community and refugees


The creation of a negative image of refugees


Haphazard, ineffective assistance to those in need


Social isolation of refugees

We organise

Age- and gender-appropriate group activities for children and young people


Various thematic workshops for different age groups


Integration activities (i.e. social and artistic activities) for Ukrainian refugees and Polish families to combat discrimination and stigmatisation


Preventive and educational communication on mental health


Professional training for service providers on mental health issues


Meetings of the professional activation club


Provision of group professional counselling


Success stories

Level UP

Lyudmila, a 65-year-old retired lecturer from eastern Ukraine, is finding a sense of normality and hope for a better future thanks to her participation in project activation activities for seniors in Rzeszów. For her, the project’s Saturday meetings have become an important part of her life, bringing relief and optimism in difficult times. Her activism and gratitude for the opportunities the project offers her are an inspiring example of strength of spirit and adaptation in a new environment.

Kreatywna Pozytywka

An 8-year-old boy from the Kyiv area, who witnessed the horrors of war, closed himself off when he arrived in Przemyśl. However, thanks to his participation in the project’s workshops, during which he had the opportunity to express his feelings through art, he managed to overcome his trauma. His moving drawings, showing the fear of bombings and his subsequent images of peace, became a symbol of his regained hope and adaptation in a new, safe environment.

Bądzmy Razem Association

A beneficiary of the project, who was professionally active in Ukraine, encountered family difficulties after moving to Poland, which she overcame with the support of the project. Despite her personal challenges, she not only actively participated in the training for social assistants, but also helped to set up a refugee database in Tarnobrzeg and translate meetings. Her determination and willingness to help others, despite her own problems, is an inspiring example of strength and dedication.

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